Completed Sept 27, 2012

Completed Sept 27, 2012

Yesterdays class focused on completing the zippered lining. WHAT A PAIN! I will need to practice zippers if I ever have to do one again. I finished the bag and attached the lining at home. I like this bag and the size is good for me. If I do it again I may do the medium bag and add pockets to the lining. I might skip the zipper not only because it was a pain but because this bag doesn’t need one.

I still feel like they rush you thru the class and don’t seem focused on teaching. Just finishing. I did learn a few very basic sewing techniques that I might never have picked up on my own. There were questions I would have asked but I felt like they didn’t want to be bothered.

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2 Responses to Completed Sept 27, 2012

  1. Hol says:

    Wow the bag looks great! I am so new to blogging I have not heard of word press. The only reason I went with blogspot (a google product) is cuz the two other quilting ladies in w-Boro us it, so that’s all I knew about. It was and is super easy tho….try it?

    • ezeoftybach says:

      I got your message too! The only reason I went with wordpress is because I had to create it to comment on Lindsay’s Galway blog. I have all winter to figure this thing out.

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